28 July 2009

Hilyah Car Sticker

Alhamdulillah, the Hilyah Car sticker is now available. While we offer a free sticker for each reseller, we will only send/give out to those who want to use it or give it to someone else to be used.

Please sms Nita or Wani if you want your copy of the car sticker to be included in your next order that we send by courier or post. Additional sticker may be purchased at RM5/piece.

The Reseller Car sticker project is still pending as there has not been much feedback from resellers.

Hilyah Team

24 July 2009

Hilyah Reseller Car Sticker - Any interest?

We would be happy to produce Hilyah car stickers for reseller as a reseller marketing tool, but only if there is sufficient interest.
Would appreciate it if resellers can give feedback on whether you would like to have us produce the Hilyah Reseller Car stickers. Either via comment here, or sms 016-2885305 or email latifah@hilyah.com
If you would like us to consider other marketing tools for resellers, do let us know.
Hilyah Team

Hilyah Car Sticker

InsyaAllah, Hilyah car sticker will be available sometime next week. This is one of the branding items project that we are working on to help build a strong market presence for the Hilyah brand.

Hilyah Car Sticker (sz 13" x 4").

InsyaAllah resellers get one complimentary sticker each. Additional copies may be purchased from our sales office at RM5/piece.

23 July 2009

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Welcome to the Hilyah Reseller blog, intended as a means to provide updates on Hilyah stock & arrival and get
comments/feedback/ suggestions from Hilyah Resellers on Hilyah products and designs.

Of course, you can still communicate with us directly at
enquiries@hilyah.com or latifah@hilyah.com or call us 016-2885303/03-78473937.
Jazakumullah khairan kathiiran.

Hilyah Islamic Designs